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Utorrent Setup

I Have to write this page because if your new to >>  ".torrent"  << (or you want to maximise the download speeds etc) there are some things that you need to know,when setting up this program and certain settings that need to be changed, the primary reason for this is:
  1. To maximize the Download speeds to get the most from the speed of your connection!
  2. To be 100% sure that what you are downloading, Your *ISP (Internet Service provider) and other monitoring agents are unable (YES UNABLE) to see what you have downloaded!!!!!

These are safety measures (because there are some things that you can download that shall we say "may not be 100% legal???  (make of this what you will)!!!

Right enough with all the technical stuff just follow the pictures below:-

as time goes on will try to find the time to do a write up about what everything means (but only whats really important)
BUT for now these settings AS SHOWN are the best setup please follow them:-

1)General settings

2)UI Settings (User Interface)

3) Directories (where to store the downloaded files)

4) Connection